So its been awhile since I updated–mostly because I have been thinking. I still have some Top Ten lists and such, but I want to have bigger discussions and explore some things.

I am also, it seems, perpetually waffling between book projects. I have several and they all revolve around Adventist subculture/history/eschatology/theology etc. So, in order to see [as my current Professor would say] if these ideas “have legs” I am going to start posting questions and snippets for my new book for your consideration.

I am open to links/articles/book recommendations from you in order to aid in this quest to explore the following questions from a young adult/academic perspective:

1. What is an Adventist?
2. Why should a person be an Adventist?
3. Why are people crazy?
4. Where is Adventism heading?
5. Does it matter?
6. Where do you see the worst theology in Adventism?
7. What is the best theology Adventism has?
8. Why are people crazy?
9. What are the real pillars of Adventist faith and which ones are merely decorative?
10. Ellenology and why its worthy of study?

There, so I guess thats a top ten to get us started. I will post things as I think of them, see them, and ask for input. Hopefully this stuff will get published–in the mean time go buy my books at the ABC or 🙂

Oh, and I have been asked to speak for 15 minutes on the Gospel at General Conference Session and I have until March 1 to decide. On Facebook a couple people suggested doing it as a top ten list–an intriguing idea.

I did come up with a number 10 as it were, something to think about…

10. “We cannot know the truth.” If you believe this statement is true–then it isn’t.




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2 responses to “Adventist

  1. top ten. how about the top ten rhetorical questions to encourage GC attendees to explore whether/how the adventist church is ‘living the gospel’. like . . . how do we practice meekness? mercy? peace-making? healing? in what ways do we ‘consider the ravens/lilies’? how do we ‘do good’ on the sabbath? in what ways do we show love for our enemies? for what sins do we, as a church, need to repent and ask forgiveness? do we remember that we, as a church, are the bride, or are we attempting to be the groom? you know that saying, ‘you may be the only gospel your neighbor ever reads’? if that’s true – what exactly are your neighbors reading?

    i will think about your questions, especially #3/8 since i’m so very familiar with that subject matter myself. 😉

    also, psst, you have a typo. second paragraph, third sentence, ‘is’ should be ‘if’.

  2. Callie

    #4 – Sometimes I feel like Adventism is heading down the tubes. Mostly because I work at an academy and I feel like we are going down the tubes. We are financially in ruin and the day they decided not to renew several contracts, we got a phone message from the pastor asking us to bring a double offering to church because the church needed to make budget that month.

    Sometimes I feel like Adventism is headed in a great direction. Mostly because I work at an academy and I can see the kids having a passion for music and worship and prayer and community. It’s hard not to love being around teenagers (even though they sometimes drive you nuts) when they are so untainted. They have ideas and they don’t care if they have been tried before, this time it is going to work. I can’t stand the thought of not being around that endless stream of enthusiasm and unrestrained optimism.

    Sometimes I feel like Adventism is like the Jews. We are so stuck in the fact that we have the truth. We cut ourselves off from everyone, refusing to go out into the world (the US… apparently it’s ok to go to a foreign country and convert but not out into your own community because then they would know where we live, God forbid.) and serve those around us. We have become a people who hide behind a wall and only care about those that come behind because they are curious about the flyer they got with a whore and a dragon on it.

    Sometimes, I see our church in a good light and sometimes a bad light but always, I believe that I made the right choice to be an Adventist and I love my church and the people in it. Church is all about YOU! You make it what it is. You cannot accuse a church of being unfriendly if you have not made yourself friendly. You cannot accuse a church of being outdated if you are not involved. And you cannot make Adventism out to be a bad thing when you are not there to make it better.

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