Top Ten Cop-out Potluck Dishes

These are hastily prepared meals that let everyone know either you forgot potluck or you are too cheap to provide a meal.

10. A Bowl of Corn [it’s good, it just isn’t creative].

9.  Condiments [to go with the FOOD other people brought].

8. Soda [despite the calories in a cup of soda, it does not in fact qualify as food; and should you choose to eat it like food the only thing that will be full is your teeth—full of fillings you Sugar-monger].

7. Tasteless Matter [I’m glad you found something healthy to kill yourself with during the week, but don’t subject the masses to it. Spices are worth their weight in culinary gold my friend].

6. Green Beans [unless fresh from the garden, or smothered in a can of mushroom soup and dried onions, this dish is a FAIL].

5. Mystery Loaf [everything deemed not worthy to eat in your fridge baked at 325 degrees, in a casserole dish. It has a pleasant golden brown top to hide the poison in the middle].

4. Plain Noodles [you have lost your mind].

3. Bakes Beans [seriously, all you could manage to do is open a can and hit a button on the microwave, at least cook ‘em on the stove to make it look like you did something].

2. Lettuce Salad [a big bowl full of lettuce—good work Rachel Ray, at least the vegans will be happy].

1. Bread [just a plain store bought loaf of bread…not even with butter—or even fiber cause you went with the store brand white bread that costs less than a mound of dirt].



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2 responses to “Top Ten Cop-out Potluck Dishes

  1. Rich

    dude how are you goin to bust me up for bringing condiments. Recession bro. Ever heard of it?

  2. Kerri

    This is great. I really appreciate the corn one–ewww.

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