One World Trade Center

So this is just a quick note to comment on  the recent headline news item on Yahoo! about changing the name of the Freedom Tower [the building to serve as a memorial to the twin towers] to the One World Trade Center.

The Daily News’ front cover says “No More Freedom”.

Now I just want to make a prediction, and you all keep your eyes and ears open.

Adventism is blessed with many sincere sensationalists who are always on the prowl for a good conspiracy or sign of the end of the world.

My guess is, this new name, due to its close resemblance to the phrase ‘New World Order’ will have these people hopping.

Just a guess, I hope Im wrong. Its not that I doubt conspiracies or signs of the end, but we are so transfixed on them sometimes we neglect what we are suppsoed to be doing amidst these occurences-namely telling people about Jesus, what He wants to do in their life, and what He wants to do in this world–and in the next. Sometimes we focus more on what the devil is doing than what Jesus is doing and it drives me nuts. We will lecture or write a half hour or half a page on the woes of the world and then include the Good News at the end for about 5 minutes or 5 sentences.

Our eyes are to be on Christ more than they are on crisis.



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5 responses to “One World Trade Center

  1. Ann

    Yep…I worry about those who have the order of end-time events down so pat that they may look up one day, see Jesus coming back, and shout, “Oh no You don’t…the plagues haven’t…, the Sunday law isn’t…, the Catholics haven’t…must not be Him.” Let’s keep our eyes on Jesus – not our interpretation of events.

  2. Amy

    AMEN! And hi-five for saying this publicly.

  3. Chris Smith

    I really wish I’d read this earlier today, as I talked to someone on the phone this morning that had this exact problem.

    It always bothers me when people preach the doom and gloom, because that isn’t what it is. Sure, times will be hard–harder than any of us can even imagine–but it spells the end of sin and puts us one step away from an eternity with God. As you say, we shouldn’t be tracking satan’s work, we should be putting all of our efforts into spreading the gospel.

    Thanks for this.

  4. Callie

    SERIOUSLY! You are so right. I’m so tired of it too. I mean, can we please get back to the work of love?

  5. Aron Chilson

    Thanks, better late than never right?(my comment)
    You are so right. There is no coming crisis! There is no coming storm. Not for the ones that look for Jesus! The One in us is greater than the one in the world. He always takes care of His own. There is nothing to fear. But there is something to look forward to. The SECOND COMING OF OUR SAVIOR! OUR FRIEND, OUR LORD, OUR GOD, OUR FATHER!

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