Does this video offend you? Did it make you laugh?  For me the answer is: yes.

It is offensive because it makes Jesus out to be petty and judgmental and shallow. Its funny because as we watch Jesus make His rounds, He acts in a way that doesnt match the biblical setting or spirit of scripture. And yet its offensive again because this Jesus speaks it provides a severe indictment of how Christianity operates because it DOES match some of the petty behaviors that go on within our churches and Christian culture.

So while this video does not represent the way scripture portrays Jesus it does say how we as Christians portray Jesus to others. This video doesn’t fit the way God is but it does match the perception of who God is. Let this challenge us to paint a picture of a loving forgiving Savior and not a petty faultfinder looking for ways to keep us out of heaven because, like the man said, “we’re all evil, there is no hope–thats it.”



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4 responses to “Perceptions…

  1. I liked, “I’ve forgotten your name, so you’re off the hook.”

  2. roscoeoutlook

    I laughed until I cried! What a probing look into the hearts of christians that would never see Jesus in this light but represent him in that way every day. God, help us see our true natures. Great humor that makes you think after clearing the tears of laughter.


  3. aprin

    Just the narrator’s voice made me chuckle, while I simultaneously shook my head. Very very amusing, and very very good point, Seth. High-five!

  4. Aryonna Waters

    Hi! I am Roscoe’s baby sister and your video was pretty
    hilarious. Praise God, Jesus is not a score keeper of the
    the messed up way we cruise through life. Praise God
    Jesus is the coach who comes along side us instructing, loving, and cheering us on to the finish line.
    Oh to be like Him in thought, practice. and deed. Where the rubber meets the road christian love, with real skin on it.
    May Jesus help us all to lay down our judgment robes and gavels and pick up our brothers and sister who’ve been slapped up side their heads one to many times.

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