Hitting the Target


Last week a friend and church member of mine [who will remain nameless] was hopping out of her car for routine trip to Target. With her, was her dog, whom we will call “Bullseye” [because I want to make a joke in a second]. Bullseye is a six month old black lab weighing in at 50 pounds. Normally, Bullseye is content to wait in the car for her master to return.
But not today.
As the car door was closing, Bullseye leapt out and made a dash across the parking lot toward her target…Target. That’s right friends, Bullseye hit the Target [there’s the joke] thank to the ever ready, ever able, automatic doors which allowed the dog into the store. Closely following was Bullseye’s frazzled owner who had to wrastle Bullseye out of the Café area. Myself, I prefer drooling in the electronics section; but the scent of food to a dog is the equivalent to the sight of a 1080i LCD TV.
While my friend tried to get a hold of her dog she later lamented to us that “Nobody did anything—they just stood there and stared!” One can certainly appreciate the shock a black lab bursting through the doors of Target would have on an unsuspecting person in the checkout lane—but seriously to just stare and not help in an extraordinary situation is a little lame.
Jesus lamented this in Matthew 9:37, “Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few…”
Most of us are content to watch pastors, elders, deacons, women’s ministries or anybody else dash around and struggle to do the work of the Gospel while we go about business as usual. We may even find the struggles of some entertaining. But the fact is, that we will never “hit the target” in terms of sharing God’s love when we are satisfied to watch other people do it.
Incidentally, my friend did remove her dog from the store and went back in to finish shopping. I went to the customer service of the same Target yesterday and inquired as to whether or not there was any security camera footage or other documentation. After the friendly security guard went into the backroom to check with a superior via phone—for quite some time I might add—he emerged and told me that there was no record or report of anything of that nature. Target denies anything happened at all.
Let’s hope, at the very least, we aren’t in denial about the hard work people are doing for the Gospel in our area—and our lack of support for those people.



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4 responses to “Hitting the Target

  1. janeloutlook

    Right on “Target”, Seth. Thanks for the laugh and the lesson. Good visuals on your site.

  2. Murray Miller

    Thanks Seth for the real life lesson. There is definitely a need of more laborers and less people standing by as spectators.

    Blessings to you

  3. Carrie Purkeypile

    Too bad it wasn’t visually documented. Nice thinking to try and nab the tape though.

  4. Hans Olson


    I loved your lesson. It was right on “target,” not too preachy, yet you made your point.

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